My Locker World was created when two mums from Kent noticed a huge gap in the market for Tweens and Teens.
Having previously worked together in retail for fifteen years, Danielle and Lara had always dreamed that they would start up a business together one day.

Christmas 2015, one of their daughters asked for a pink locker for her bedroom that she could customise herself, like they do in American TV shows. Having started secondary school that year, she was disappointed to learn that lockers in the UK are not as cool and not as big a deal as they are in the US. So, she wanted one for home instead, a locker with interchangeable accessories and non-permanent decoration. Her answer was to simply bring 'High School Home'.

"I hunted high and low, trailed the internet but it seemed all I could find were lockers that were out of my budget, too big, too small or not pink. When my daughter started secondary in September, she found having twelve teachers and fifteen books to be a huge responsibility so when she asked for a locker, I thought it was a fantastic present to help her organise her school books and keep them safe from her sisters. I also thought it was a great way to support the primary/secondary transition so I was thrilled with her choice of present." Danielle explains.

After talking through the present idea with Lara it didn't take long for them to realise the business opportunity staring them in the face.

They began their mission...

"We spent hours together every week. When we weren't together we were on the phone constantly with new ideas popping up! We were so passionate about the idea of these lockers that we knew somehow, we would make this work and set this business up no matter how long it took." expands Lara.

They were shocked at the UK's lack of choice in lockers as well as the absence of magnetic accessories to customise them with. After seven months of sheer determination and with seven children between them, they have brought together "My Locker World", a unique package consisting of a choice of five beautifully coloured lockers that have been proudly manufactured in the UK, along with a FREE accessory pack to kick-start your customisation.

Thank you for reading our story,

Danielle and Lara xx